Rockbox IO™ Electrical Data Collection

The Original ROCKBOX

Rockbox IO™ is the original Rockbox product designed to provide data collection for equipment without OPC compliant controllers. The first Rockboxes were used for single Injection Molding Machines. Today there are four models to choose from:

  • X16 - Up to 16 Inputs
  • X32 - Up to 32 Inputs
  • X64 - Up to 64 Inputs
  • X128 - Up to 128 Inputs

Rockbox IO™ can either be set up to use 1 or 2 inputs per machine. 2 Input machines use a machine auto or manual signal in conjunction with a cyclical input to automatically filter out errant cycles. 1 Input machines just uses a cyclical input and relies on the software to filter out errant cycles. A 2 Input set-up allows for more accuarate collection. A 1 Input set-up allows more machines ber box.CONTACT US for More Detail.

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