Rockware® Probation Software

Adult Probation Management System

Some key features and screen shots are listed below.

  • Systems automatically pull relevant case, case party, attorney, disposition, docket, and cash book data directly from Rockware® court system to reduce time to add new probationers or cases.
  • Systems allow JPEG photos to be stored for each probationer and to be displayed in applicable forms and reports.
  • Systems automatically create PSI reports based on entered probationer and case data that can be printed, emailed, or stored in pdf format.
  • Systems have an Interactive Calendar that is used as a scheduling tool for scheduling probationer appointments and share schedules with other department members.
  • Systems have active case load reports for department and each probation officer can be quickly viewed and printed/emailed.
  • Systems have interactive forms for Community Correction Information System (CCIS) Intake, Reassessment, and Termination that store data and print in required format
  • Systems have interactive forms for ISP including Case Plan, Phase Assessment, 6 Month Review, Discharge Plan, and Exit Survey that store data and print in required format
  • Systems have multiple complex filtering logs and calculation tools to assist with CJ-8 and other statistical reporting requirements.
  • Systems have a document management system (DMS) that provide quick storing and linking of electronic documents to Cases/Probationers along with quick retreival allowing documents to be efficiently viewed and maintained by all members of a department.

Below are some example screen shots.

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