Rockbox CD™ Current Decay Testing Unit

The NEW STANDARD in Incandescent Bulb Testing

The Rockbox CD™ is a testing device for incandescent bulbs. This test has historically been done in a PLC which has storage, calculation, and display limitations. The new standard for Current Decay testing is an industrial embedded computer using the latest in Microsoft database and software coding. Curve fingerprints for each test are now stored and can quickly be retrieved and displayed. The biggest improvement deals with the proprietary algorithm for determining when to start the test. The "Dynamic Inrush Detection" algorithm makes the actual time to test the inconsistent variable instead of the test result. Initial results suggest the new CD-100 product is a quantum leap in Automotive Lighting incandescent bulb testing. The CD-100 comes availalble with 8 independent channels that can be tested simultaneously. Ultimately test results are sent to Process Logic Controller (PLC) to pass or fail each part.

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