Rockware® County/Municipal Court Software

Case Management, Cashbook, Judicial Calendar, and Adult Probation

Some key features and screen shots are listed below.

  • Systems have built in cash book validation checks and reconciliation tools to ensure accounts balance daily and monthly.
  • Systems reduce the amount of time required to complete daily, monthly, and annual cash book debit generation and reporting functions.
  • Systems provide an accounts receivable module and a billing module that generates monthly bills and automatically send overdue accounts to a collection agency.
  • Systems integrate with credit card management companies to link payments to Rockware® transactions along with estimating transaction deposits dates to provide tools for efficient management of credit card payments.
  • Systems have two case management interfaces, one for traffic and criminal cases and one for civil cases, for efficient navigation between case matters.
  • Systems have been integrated successfully with 3rd party scanning software to link scanned documents to cases and specific dockets along with allowing retrieval of scanned documents while working in Rockware®.
  • Systems provide secure and configurable publishing of case information for public consumption and public interaction
  • Systems have an Interactive Calendar that is used as a scheduling tool for judicial case matter scheduling.
  • Tickets can be automatically imported from iTicket®.
  • County/Municipal Probation Systems automatically pull relevant case, case party, attorney, disposition, docket, and cash book data directly from Rockware® court system to minimize double handling and reduce time to add new probationers or cases.

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