Custom Software


We are experts at developing custom software for most applications. We have realized over time that many custom software projects are not worth pursuing because the cost to develop the software is not worth the one time sale price. We have since spun-off Rockware Corp. to try and resell products that were already developed or partially developed. Based on our roots, we will always customize any Rockware® software installation to make sure the CUSTOMER GETS EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. We have continued to develop custom software for applications that we feel are profitable ventures or could potentially be resold in the future. Some of the systems we previously have made are listed below.

  • Warehouse Management
  • Injection Molding Process Management
  • Water Restoration and Disaster Recovery
  • Used Car Dealership Management
  • Business Accounting Packages for Several Different Business
  • Project Management Software
  • Convict Tracking Software
  • Point Of Sales System for a Paint Company with 3 Plants
  • Water Billing for a Municipality
  • Production and Lab Reporting for a Plastic Recycling Company
  • Injection Mold/Machine Criteria Reporting System
  • Property Sales Tracking

We are interested in at least looking at any custom software project that is brought our way. After looking at we will determine if it is a project we feel is feasible for our company to pursue.

For more information please email or call (419) 483-8151 to contact a Team Ray Technologies Representative.