Data Migration and Transformation Services

We Can Transfer Data from Anywhere to Anywhere

Experts at Data Migration and Transformation

Team Ray Technologies, LLC started out as a custom software developer. In the early days of the company software was developed for numerous applications. A stipulation in many of our early software projects was being able to convert data from an existing system to fit seamlessly into our own database structure. We had many challenging projects along the way but we have always been able to figure out a solution. We have many methods and tools we are familiar with at our disposal to assist us in moving data from one source to another including the following:

  • Web Services - XML
  • Microsoft SQL Integration Services
  • Microsoft TSQL
  • File Transfer Protocol - FTP
  • ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Flat Files
  • Delimited Files

Most of Team Ray Technologies data migration services have been to support Rockware Corp launches. One of our recent migration projects involved transforming .csv files from antiquated systems in Clyde and Woodville County Courts. The exisitng database was not a relational database and the data in the system did not have data integrity on each field. For example, a date could have text in it like AA/12/2012 or a monetary value could have $AA.00 as the stored value. Data cleansing was required to allow data to be transferred into Rockware® which requires data integrity for each field before data can be inserted. An individual list of corrections numbering in the hundreds was put together one script at a time. This script was the first conversion script ran prior to any data transfer. Many of the scripts required reverse engineering to develop. The conversion was accurate and was able to convert a system that could never balance monetary accounts to a system that balances accounts every month.

Rockware® has also successfully integrated with SAP in manufacturing plants. We have a flexible platform that can integrate into or pull data from any other platform if given required permissions.

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