Rockware® IMM™ Intelligent Manufacturing Machine

Data Collection for Injection Molding Departments, Assembly Lines, and All Manufacturing Environments

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Typical Rockware® Magic™ data collection involves connecting to OPC compliant controllers and having access to all registers, bits, and values within the controller program. Most injection molding machine controllers are proprietary and not OPC compliant requiring an optional method for data collection. Team Ray Technologies developed the Rockbox™ X in 2006 as an answer to provide data collection for non-OPC compliant controllers. Hardwired outputs from machines get connected directly to the Rockbox™ X to provide required data to determine when a machine cycles in auto. Team Ray Technologies also developed a .Net application to collect data from machines that are connected to RJG Inc. eDart products via the provided Active X Control from RJG. Rockware Corp. acquired these products when it was established in December of 2011. Both of these methods have been utilized to provide production cycle and downtime collection for existing Rockware® MPS™ (Original Molding System) and Rockware™ Magic™ IMM Systems since 2007. Some new machines have OPC compliant controllers that can be connected to directly for cycles, downtime, faults, and processing parameters which can be a 3rd option for data collection with the added benefit of getting information on machine faults and processing parameters. A fourth option allows customers to wire up machines to OPC compliant PLCs to provide an economical means for providing data collection.

The original concept of the system from its conception in 2006 was to develop a centralized system that could replace the myriad of Excel spreadsheets that compromise most companies production, maintenance, and quality data. The vision was to combine automatic data entry and operator/supervisor data entry into reliable fact based real-time and historical information that can be viewed in a multitude of interfaces and reports on any device with minimized keystrokes, mouse clicks, and/or touches. The system was designed by Injection Molding professionals who understand the challenges the plant floor offers. Optional customized modules and/or interfaces can be provided to ensure each customer gets exactly what they want since no two companies are the same.

The functionality of these systems has been expanded in 2016 to include advanced notification services and cloud based interfaces that provide critical real-time information to people outside of the plant. Internet of Things (IoT) principals are now extended to each licensed machine or station as a standard feature. Below list the standard modules that currently available for Rockware® IMM™ Intelligent Manufacturing Machine Systems:

  • Standard IMM Module - Includes:
    • IMM Template SQL Server Databases
    • Fully Configured OPC2DB SQL Server Database and .Net Application for Data Collection
    • IMM Template Windows Application (Unlimited Installations)
      • Main Home Dashboard™ with Machine BOXSCORE™ Customized for each Customer with Drill-Down Hyperlinks - See Dashboard™ Examples for More Detail
      • Hourly Cycle, Targets, and Scrap Counts
      • Advanced Configuration Set-up to provide Real-Time Color-Coded Machine Statuses and tracking of Cycles at the Cavity Granularity Level
      • User and/or Computer Security
      • Standard Call Module for Notification of Issues and Tracking of Responses
      • Standard Shift Recap™ Supervisor End of Shift OEE Reporting Module - See Shift Recap™ Examples for More Detail
      • Standard Cash Register™ Operator Touch Screen Module for Logon, Job Change, Scrap Entry, Downtime Reason, Call Initiation and Answer, and Process Change Entry - See Cash Register™ Examples for More Detail
      • Standard Drill-Down Logs™ with Complex Filtering and Reporting for Real-Time and Historical Data. All Standard Logs Come with Standard Reports and Can Be Exported To Excel. - See Drill-Down Log™ and Report Examples for More Detail. Standard Logs are Listed Below.
        • Cycle (Raw Real-Time Data Automatically Entered)
        • Downtime (Raw Real-Time Data Automatically Entered)
        • Scrap Transaction (Raw Real-Time Data as Manually Entered)
        • Call (Raw Real-Time Data as Manually Initiated and Answered)
        • Fault/Threshold (Raw Real-Time Data as Automatically Entered)
        • Shift Recap By Machine (Summarized Calculation By Shift, Department, and Machine)
        • Shift Recap By Job (Summarized Calculation By Shift, Department, Machine, and Job)
        • Shift Recap By Department (Summarized Calculations By Shift and Department)
        • Scrap Summary (Summarized Calculations By Shift, Department, Machine, Job, and Scrap Code)
        • Down Time Summary (Summarized Calculations By Shift, Department, Machine, Job, and Down Time Code)
        • Part Counts (Summarized Calculations By Shift and Part)
        • Material Usage (Summarized Calculations By Shift, Job, Part, and Material)
      • Up to 50 Customer Specific KPIs can be used for analysis of Real-Time and Historical Performance. Historical Data can be grouped by Shift, Date, Week, Month, and Year over a selected Date Range. KPIs can be compared against Machines, Jobs, Tools/Molds, Cavities, Parts, Materials, and Operators.
      • Standard Plant Shift Scheduling, Live Job Sequencing, and Job Order Tracking- See Scheduling Tools for More Detail
      • Standard PM Tool™ for PM Scheduling and PM History for Each Mold/Tool - See PM Tool™ Examples for More Detail
      • Standard Machine Fault/Threshold Notification and Tracking
      • Standard Large Display and Page Scrolling Module
    • Includes loading of all initial applicable configuration data including Shifts, Departments, Machines, Tools/Molds, Jobs, Cavities, Parts, Materials, Downtime Codes, Scrap Codes, Machine Statuses, and Machine Calls.

    Current List of Add On Modules Are Listed Below:

  • Web Based Standard Dashboard™ and Cash Register™ that can be ran on Android and iOS Tables and Phones
  • Text Message/Email Automatic Notification Module
  • Automated Report Emailing Module
  • Overhead Paging Integration with Call Module
  • Any Where Access to Real-Time Data via Internet and Cellular Service
  • ERP Automated Integration Module
  • Customized Interfaces, Customized Reports, and Customized Modules Can be Integrated Into System - See Plug-Ins, Components, and Modules for More Detail
  • Related Modules that have Previously Been Developed for Customers Are Listed Below:

  • Process Sheet Database
  • Quality Alert
  • Machine/Mold Match Tool
  • Capacity Planning
  • PM of Assets
  • Inspection Checks
  • First Piece Check
  • Production Declaration
  • Label Printing
  • Traceability
  • WIP and Packaging Specification and Tracking
  • Visual Aids
  • Control Plans
  • FMEA Plans
  • APQP Management Tools
  • Part Gauging
  • Machine Testing
  • RFID Logon and Operator Tracking
  • First Piece Verification
  • Labor Entry and Performance Calculations
  • Advanced Scrap Entry with Part Images and Zone Selection
  • Inspection Tracking

Below is Typical Network for a System using Rockbox™ for Data Collection




Below is Typical Injection Molding Department Dashboard with Box Score for Each Machine




Below is an Example of a Shift Recap Report




Below is and Example of how our Original System Launched in 2007 Provided a Significant OEE Improvement. The Report is One of the Trend-Pareto_Painter (TPP) Reports Available with our Standard IMM Module.