Rockware® Jury Software

Randomized Selection and Management Software

How Does Rockware® Jury Random Selection Work?

Rockware® Jury Systems come configured with all applicable courts/jury pools. New courts and/or pools can be added by Clerk of Courts or applicable staff as needed. A new list of county eligible jurors can be imported into System annually to unsure the latest juror list and information is up to date. This information is usually supplied by the County Board of Elections. Jury pool jurors can be pulled by Clerks of Courts or applicable staff periodically as needed.

  • The first step of a juror pull requires the year, jury pool (court and period), pull date, and the number of jurors to be entered into the system.
  • The second step requires initials to be entered by required personnel such as Clerk of Court, Judges, Jury Commissioners, and Sheriffs to prove attendance. Until all initials are entered the button that allows jurors to be selected is disabled. After all initials have been entered, the button labeled “Add Jurors to Jury Pool” is enabled.
  • The third and final step can be completed by clicking this button that begins the execution of a Rockware® embedded SQL procedure to randomly select the specific number of requested jurors to the selected jury pool for the selected pull date.

The Rockware® Random Selection procedure assigns each applicable juror a unique number from one to the total number of jurors. This number cannot be viewed. To select a juror the procedure generates a random number by utilizing Microsoft SQL Server’s RAND() function and then cross references the random number to a number previously assigned to a juror within the procedure. This is done until the total numbers of requested jurors are pulled. The numbering and selection is all done behind the scenes and is absolutely incapable of being tampered with or tainted. The algorithm and technology used is guaranteed to produce the most random and unbiased results possible. After the “Add Jurors to Jury Pool” button is clicked the jurors selected will be displayed for all present parties to view. All Questionnaires are printed out at the same time and are mailed out by clerks. Filled out questionnaires can be scanned and linked to each juror for quick reference as they are received. Below are some example screen shots.

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