Rockware® Justice™

An Innovative Approach to Software Development and Support

One County-One System - A Fully Integrated Centralized Solution

Rockware® Justice™ Products have been developed in conjunction with Sandusky County, Ohio. The initial vision was to develop common pleas court software utilizing the latest in technology to replace an antiquated system requiring unjustified maintenance costs. The original case management, cash book, and judicial calendar system was successfully launched in 2010. Since 2010 several other products have been developed and successfully launched to replace existing software including Rockware® Jury in 2011, Rockware® Probation in 2012, and Rockware® County/Municipal in 2014. The new vision is to provide the State of Ohio with another option for court related software products. Some of the key features of Rockware® Justice™ Products are listed below:

  • Product databases use the latest in Microsoft technology to prevent future obsolescence and provide premium performance, functionality, and security.
  • Client applications use a rapid application development (RAD) platform created to minimize time and money required for additions, modifications, or updates. The platform provides unlimited flexibility for efficient implementation of new requirements, concepts, or ideas.
  • Client applications can be deployed on a Term Server, a Client Computer, or a combination of both. Rockware® Cloud™ Servers can be utilized if no in-house servers are available.
  • Systems were architected by clerks, probation officers, and other court professionals to streamline data entry and ensure all applicable Ohio Revised Codes are followed.
  • Systems were devised to minimize keystrokes and double handling of data along with allowing users the ability to work within multiple windows at the same time.
  • Systems provide customizable windows based security that allows pinpoint control over what each specific user group can view or edit.
  • Systems are all linked to a "Central System" database in which all common data is shared and any update to shared data such as attorney information is cascaded across all systems to maximize data accuracy and efficiency.
  • Systems provide an audit trail log as a troubleshooting tool to track new database entries, updates, and deletions providing detail on data table, user, time stamp, action, and specific record.
  • Systems provide an extensive platform for creating, printing, and emailing predefined court related “Forms”. Systems come with 100s of predefined “Forms”. New “Forms” can be efficiently added and verbiage can be modified by staff.
  • Systems have complex filtering logs and reporting for all relevant data tables to quickly search for and display wanted information along with providing graphical displays where needed.
  • Flexible service support arrangements can be negotiated. Service support is friendly, fast, and effective. Rockware Corp service arrangements can result in significant reduction in long-term budget requirements.
  • All systems can by connected to the Ohio Courts Network OCN.

Product launch slots are available starting second quarter of 2015. For more information please email or call (419) 483-5649 to contact a Rockware Corp/Team Ray Technologies Representative.

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(2014) Rockware Justice - One County-One System, PDF File

(2014) Rockware Justice General Guide, PDF File

Below are some example system screen shot of shared system intefaces and reports. See left hand menu to view system specific interfaces and reports.