Rockware® Justification

Reasons why Rockware® is justified can be easily summarized with illustrations and past examples but before specific ROI numbers can be projected detail is required regarding the customer’s current efficiencies, price points, and potential diligence to fully utilize Rockware®. Below outlines short, intermediate, and long term example potential opportunities.

Short Term

Real-Time Andon and Dashboards provide color-coded statuses and summary values for individual equipment along with groups as a whole. Dashboards can be displayed on large screen monitors, Andon equipment, mobile devices, and on all personal computers connected to the plant network. Historically customers have quickly made significant production improvements by responding faster to issues than they did without Rockware®. This improvement usually takes place regardless of whether customer is fully utilizing Rockware® or not.


The Shift Recap™ module provides shift summary data to department managers, area managers, and plant managers when utilized properly. Items that do not immediately get corrected may be flagged when managers view production reports. Managers analyzing Rockware® reports are provided with accurate information to justify allocating resources to inefficient production operations. This improvement will require managers to be properly interpreting Shift Recap™ Reports along with adequate floor engineers to correct issues.

Long Term

Historical Drill-Down™ Logs provides data to show long term top issues and trends. Anyone can utilize complex filtering and reporting to determine top issues that should be resolved to improve overall area efficiency. Engineering or production managers should use several reports to hand out to engineers and supervisors for identifying what issues are most costly along with showing trend reports for each issue showing progression or regression. Engineers should be assigned specific issues and their effectiveness will be determined based on subsequent trend reports for issue. If items are not improving in a timely manner, management can replace engineer or provide engineer with monetary budget to correct. Money saved on each issue corrected can be quantified.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance scheduling can be triggered based on cycles versus time ensuring equipment and/or tools are adequately maintained and unnecessary preventative maintenance tasks are avoided.

Examples Based on Customer Experiences

Since data is reviewable from previous Rockware® installations it is safe to say all Rockware® implementations have resulted in OEE/Efficiency improvements. As a recent example, a system installed in June 2013 resulted in a 3.5% improvement in cycle time, a 17.5% improvement in downtime, and a 14% increase in cycles per day in less than a 6 month period. Another system installed in 2014 resulted in 19.5% improvement in OEE in a six month period. These are just two of the many Rockware® success stories. Many customers have also made significant improvements in scheduling and tracking of production which has allowed them to streamline their entire manufacturing process. Below are example screen shots of reports illustrating efficiency gains.

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