Rockbox™ Control, Testing, and Data Collection Devices

PLC/PC-Based Solutions for Complex Applications

The Rockbox™ division of Rockware Corp delivers cutting edge technology to solve your toughest control, quality testing, and data collection needs. As the complexity in the industrial controls world increases, Rockbox™ applications adapt to meet new real-world needs. Rockbox™ systems consist of either an embedded PC, PLC with electrical box, or a combination of the two. Systems can communicate via any standard communication protocol including (OPC) - Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control, (PLC) - Programmable Logic Controller, (LIN) - Local Interconnect Network, (CAN Bus) – Controller Area Network, Serial, and Modbus Plus. Rockbox™ embedded computers have no moving parts and provide the same reliablity as hardened industrial devices.

Years of research and development have provided Rockware Corp with the optimal hardware, BIOS, operating system, and software configuration required to make a PC run like an industrial hardened device. Years of experience has also aided in the development of efficient and robust PLC based solutions. New applications are being developed to run on Rockbox™ platforms every year and as complexity increases in the manufacturing world, the demand for new Rockbox™ applications continues to increase.

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