Rockbox X™ Electrical Data Collection

The Original ROCKBOX

Rockbox X™ is the original Rockbox product designed to provide data collection for equipment without OPC compliant controllers. The first Rockboxes were used for single Injection Molding Machines. Today there are five models to choose from:

  • X7 - Up to 7 Machines - Original Model with M12 Connectors on Box
  • X8 - Up to 8 Machines
  • X16 - Up to 16 Machines
  • X32 - Up to 32 Machines
  • X64 - Up to 64 Machines

Rockbox X™ requires connection to a Rockbox DX™ or Rockox SQL™ for real-time data collection to occur. We have recently added an option for our customers to build their own Rockboxes. We can supply Prints, BOM, and Standard Rockbox X™ Program to reduce the overall project installation cost. CONTACT US for More Detail.

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